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Project Telecommunication Communications

With limited market flexibility and underutilized space, Frank assisted a leading telecommunications company with a lease restructure saving $500,000 per year in rental exposure.

Data Center - SquareDirection Project Telecommunication Communications

The Opportunity

A leading New York based telecommunications and internet protocol network services company, was tasked with Subleasing a portion of its leased premises due to high vacancy.

The Solution

  • Re-allocation of employee personal

  • Significant capital investment in existing data center

  • The overall objective was to reduce the facility footprint in the most cost effective manner while enhancing its data center capabilities to accommodate colocation demands for small and medium sized businesses.

The Impact

The project team re-negotiated a new lease transaction based on a multi-tiered financial strategy contributing to a long-term lease re-cast allowing for greater flexibility to expand its data center capabilities in a key location.

Let's work together

SquareDirection is eager to partner with commercial tenants and real estate decision-makers seeking to optimize their real estate expenses and capital investments through tailored strategies and local expertise.

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