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Project Financial Rewards

With an immediate need to accommodate growth and overwhelmed by an extraordinary number of office space options available in Austin, TX, Frank skillfully identified specific office solutions offering maximum lease flexibility with the option to expand.

Austin Office Space - SquareDirection Project Financial Rewards

The Opportunity

A UK based financial services company was seeking a new office location to attract and retain employees for its United States headquarters.  Squeezed for space at its shared space location and overwhelmed by an extraordinary number of office space options available, Frank swiftly identified and secured a new office location.

The Solution

  • Downtown office presence with nearby amenities

  • Expansion opportunities for future growth

  • Attractive location for all employees

Key Takeaways

  • Defining the space layout

    • Work alongside clients reviewing space and furniture plans

  • Using a very iterative process

    • Daily performance reviews helping further define overall project objectives and goals

  • Strategic Roadmap

    • Identifying viable space options to analyze budget and schedule for office opening.

Let's work together

SquareDirection is eager to partner with commercial tenants and real estate decision-makers seeking to optimize their real estate expenses and capital investments through tailored strategies and local expertise.

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