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About SquareDirection

SquareDirection founder Frank Hartmann is dedicated to prime workplace and investment opportunities in Austin, Texas.  Currently, he serves a diverse decision-making community, from individuals to corporations, with a focus on creative value-add office, flex space, and advanced manufacturing (R&D/Office) initiatives.

Texas State Capitol - SquareDirection, Austin, Texas
Frank Hartmann - SquareDirection, Austin, Texas


SquareDirection was created in 2017 by Frank Hartmann with a mission to deliver unparalleled real estate services to the Austin Region. Boasting 20+ years of corporate real estate experience and more recently serving as a Vice President of Economic Development for Opportunity Austin, Frank has successfully recruited and represented over 100 companies and decision-makers from various markets across the United States and internationally, overseeing capital investment activities in the Austin Region upward of $10 billion in value. SquareDirection hit the ground running to provide creative real estate solutions for office tenants and corporate owners, leveraging a network of local leaders and a wealth of industry knowledge to optimize workspaces and propel businesses towards continued success.
SquareDirection clients have included global advanced manufacturing companies, financial and technology companies, private and public corporate headquarter relocations, as well as single tenant users requiring new lease acquisitions and lease disposition services. Frank holds an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, as well as a BA in Economics & Political Science from the College of Arts and Sciences at Loyola University of Chicago.

Austin Roots

An Austin resident since 2010, Frank has fully embraced the city's dynamic culture and community. Beyond corporate real estate, he is an avid cyclist and private pilot, and he enjoys exploring Texas' cultural diversity with his wife and two daughters. With recent experience at Opportunity Austin and the Austin Chamber of Commerce, Frank leverages his extensive network and strategic insights to support clients in seamlessly integrating their businesses within the community.

Hartmann Family, Austin, Texas
Cyclist - Frank Hartmann, SquareDirection, Austin, Texas

Let's work together

SquareDirection is eager to partner with commercial tenants and real estate decision-makers seeking to optimize their real estate expenses and capital investments through tailored strategies and local expertise.

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