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Tailored Offerings

With a focus on unique office, flex space, and advanced manufacturing (R&D/Office) solutions, SquareDirection specializes in representing decision-makers tasked with commercial real estate projects valued at greater than $10 million requiring complete transparency around budget and schedule. Frank's collaborative approach with Austin's Regional network produces tailored strategies that optimize the performance of your upcoming commercial real estate project.

Circut of the Americas - SquareDirection
Paramount Theatre Austin - SquareDirection
Austin Skyline - SquareDirection
Austin Concert - SquareDirection
Terry Black's BBQ - SquareDirection

Tenant Representation

Let Frank ensure that your business finds a space tailored to your goals. Navigate lease negotiations and optimize workspace solutions with expert guidance that saves you time and maximizes your commercial real estate investment.


Project Management

Streamline the customization of your real estate project with a trusted local partner.  Frank can oversee every aspect of the project, from site selection and implementation to completion−saving you time and ensuring optimal results for your investment.


Site Consulting

With expert evaluation and an economic analysis of potential locations, Frank equips decision-makers with updated regional site information and incentives. Focusing on infrastructure, utilities, governmental resources, industry-related vendors, and a strategic alignment with the business objectives, SquareDirection ensures clients identify the ideal location for their capital investments.

Central Texas Region

Operating primarily in Austin and with extensive expertise in the Greater Austin Region, Frank has successfully managed projects spanning from Georgetown to San Marcos. With a nuanced understanding of the communities within the Greater Austin Region and a track record of excellence across diverse industries, Frank delivers tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of every client.

Let's work together

SquareDirection is eager to partner with commercial tenants and real estate decision-makers seeking to optimize their real estate expenses and capital investments through tailored strategies and local expertise.

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